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Emotional intelligence and Anger Management

Complete assignment on Emotional intelligence and Anger Management is available for study and download free. Assignment describes the following topics: What is Emotional intelligence (EI?)Branches of Emotional Intelligence, Emotional intelligence, Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Ways to plan ahead…
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Organizational Change Management

A complete assignment and presentation on Organizational Change Management is available for download. This assignment and presentation describe the following topics: What is change management? Use of change management, value of change management, managing change in an organization, change management principle,…
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Decision Making and Problem Solving Techniques

An assignment on “Decision Making and Problem Solving Techniques” is available for download. This assignment includes the following topics: Definition of decision making, types and stages in decision making, decision making skills and techniques, problem solving techniques, problem solving skills,…
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Workload and Time Management

A complete assignment on Workload and Time Management is available. This assignment describes the following topics in detail: time management definition, skills for managing time , techniques, time management tips, importance of managing  time, time management for students, importance of time management…
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Stress and Stress Management

A complete assignment on “Stress and Stress Management” is available on Assignment describes the following topics in detail:Types of stress, stress management, causes of stress,strain and relief, stress management techniques, stress management in the workplace, characteristics of effective Stress…
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