Presentation on Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence

Complete PowerPoint presentation on anger management and emotional intelligence is available. This presentation consist on the following topics: definition of intelligence, emotional intelligence, history of anger management, famous philosophers, experts like Seneca, Peter Stearns, Raymond Novaco, Goleman’s model, Individuals with intellectual disabilities and Potential causes of development of anger problems. Download Presentation for free.

Overview of The Presentation on Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence:

It is the process of learning to recognize signs that you’re becoming angry, and taking action to calm down and deal with the situation in a positive way.


These were the famous philosopher who did allot of work on it.

  • Seneca
  • Peter Stearns
  • Raymond Novaco

Goleman’s model

  • Self-awareness

The ability to know one’s emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, values and goals and recognize their impact on others while using gut feelings to guide decisions.

  • Self-regulation

Involves controlling or redirecting one’s disruptive emotions and impulses and adapting to changing circumstances.

  • Social skill¬†

Managing relationships to move people in the desired direction

  • Empathy

Considering other people’s feelings especially when making decision

  • Motivation

Being driven to achieve for the sake of achievement.

Potential causes of development of anger problems

Things like heavy drinking, a mental disability, can all lead to a person committing an aggressive act against another person. Also not having any training on how to handle oneself in a time of aggression can lead to very undesirable outcomes. These things are typically associated with a heightened chance of anger, but there are other, less-known factors that can lead to people acting in a negative way.

Child psychologists

The ability for young children to understand their emotions and how to react in certain situations can greatly increase their chance of expressing themselves in an appropriate manner.

Presentation on Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence

Presentation on Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence

Individuals with intellectual disabilities


  • Reactive strategies

Aim to minimize impact of overtly aggressive behavior by using established protocols. Ex. Enforced isolation after the start of a violent outburst.

  • Ecological interventions

Attempt to reduce aggression level by changing an aspect of the environment for a more calming effect. Ex. Reducing ambient noise to lower irritation.

  • Contingency management

Focuses on modifying behavior through a combination of reinforcement and punishment. Ex. Using a token economy to enforce rules concerning behavior.

  • Positive programming

Teaches life skills as an alternative to aggression. Ex. Anger management with a CBT background

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Presentation on Emotional intelligence and Anger Management



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