Research on Packet Loss Issues In Unidirectional Transmission

The Unidirectional transmission technology is design to secure the data on the high security networks. In Unidirectional transmission data is allowed to travel in one direction and stop the use of acknowledgement. Because of its influence on performance and safety, the data loss becomes very serious and important problem in unidirectional transmission.Complete research work’s PDF file is available for download

Summary Of Packet Loss Issues In Unidirectional Transmission:

As the technology is growing rapidly everyday a new tech is introduced. With the rapid increase in exchange of data and transmission, the problem which is our information technology industry is facing is that how to secure data transmission. It is becoming very important to provide security of data transmission tools and methods to prevent Eavesdropping, Information leakage, third party intrusion and Loop Holes (where an intruder can find his way to data access). Traditionally these problems were being managed by data isolation using different types of data storage devices and peripherals like USB s and Flash Storage’s etc. In data isolation, the data is manually isolated physically which is never real-time, impractical, time consuming and inefficient. So different encoding and encryption schemes are being developed to enhance the security and confidentiality of the data being transmitted in external network and internal network.

Network pump was proposed to eliminate security risks. But our study shows that the network pump is not able to cover several security loop holes. For this purpose data diodes were introduced. Data diode is a commercial product that utilizes unidirectional transmission technology. The unidirectional transmission technology allow data to travel in one direction only which guarantees information and data security and it can be implemented between networks where there is need for data to be sent from the less classified network or sensitive computer network to more classified network where there is need to protect data confidentiality on higher classified network. Physical transfer is done in one direction mode (unidirectional), and it is impossible to transfer data back in opposite direction. Since the technology can be physically validated that there is no reverse data flow, it has no covert channel.

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Research on Packet Loss Issues In Unidirectional Transmission


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