HRM-Human Resource Management Transparency

Human resource management refers to a set of program, function, & activities designed and carried out in order to achieve both individual as well as organizational goals.The management of human resources is viewed as a system in which participants seek to attain both individual & group goals.Complete file (PDF) is available for download.

Summary of Human Resource Management Transparency:

In the general way, human resources are the people, their skills, knowledge, abilities, attitudes, & talents.For the view point of an organization, human resources represent the total qualities, knowledge, & skills of an employee in doing particular job.Management is a process which includes planning, organizing, directing & controlling of various activities in an effective manner to achieve desired goal.

Human resource management refer to a set of program, function, & activities designed and carried out in order to achieve both individual as well as organizational goals.Job analysis is the key to all selection because it defines the job.Selection procedures are designed to elicit information about the applicant.

Recruitment is the process of locating and attracting enough qualified applicant to provide a pool. Selection interview is a complex skill. It intends to obtain information about the applicant and gives the applicant information.

Human Resource Management Transparency

Human Resource Management Transparency

Objectives of H.R.M:

  • To help the organization to attain its goals by producing well trainers & well motivated employees.
  • Utilize the human resources effectively in the achievement of organizational goals.
  • Enhance job satisfaction self actualization of employees by encouraging every employee.
  • Establish & maintain productive self respecting and internally satisfying working relationship among all the member of organization.
  • Secure the integration of all the individuals & groups.
  • Develop & maintain a quality of work life.
  • Maintain high employee morale & sound human relation.
  • Recognize & satisfy individual needs and group goals.


According to B Fippo;
“Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employee and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization”Information relating to the task, responsibilities, knowledge and skills serve as a realistic basis for hiring people. Job analysis provides understanding of what an employee is expected to do on the job.Such an understanding serves as the basis for meaningful forecast of job performance.


It can be defined as “It is a process of ascertaining the qualification,experiences, skills & knowledge of an applicant with a view to appraising his/her suitability to a job”

Selection process:

  • It involves following steps;
  • Screening of application.
  • Preliminary interview.
  • Selection test.
  • Group Discussion.
  • Interview.
  • Physical examination.

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Human Resource Management Transparency


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