Malaysia comprises 13 states and 3 federal territories. Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s federal capital. It was also its administrative capital until 1999 when the seat of government was moved to the newly-created federal territory of Putrajaya. Download free Project.

Summary Of Malaysia Country Profile Project:

Malaysia is south East Asia sharing its borders with Singapore and Thailand. Dividing 13 states and 3 federals territories. It has Kuala Lampur and putrajayas as the administrative. The large number of islands in the country, over 200, has blessed it with a long and beautiful coastline. Strategically situated at a trading junction. The result of alternating seasonal northeast and southwest monsoons. Malaysia was the ideal central location for early East-West trade. The country’s strategic sea-lane position brought trade and foreign influences. It includes Hindu and Buddhist cultures, which fundamentally influenced its early history with beliefs that are in evidence today in the Malay language, literature and various customs. The influence of these cultures reached their peak in the Sumatran-based Srivijaya civilization whose influence extended through Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo from the seventh to the 14th centuries.

In August 1957, Malaya was granted independence from British colonial rule.  With independence, the country became a centralized federation with a constitutional monarchy, with Kuala Lumpur named as the capital.  Each state has its own fully elected state assembly and party with majority of elected members makes the government. However, there followed a period of instability due to the internal Communist uprising and an external confrontation with Indonesia. In 1963, the north Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak, together with Singapore, joined Malaya to create Malaysia.

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