Project on Nestle Juices Pakistan

A complete project study on “Nestle Juices Pakistan” is available for download. Project is based on Nestle juice’s history, manufacturing of NESTLE Pakistan, sales and different Nestle products in Pakistan

Overview of  Project on Nestle Juices Pakistan:

Nestle foods was established in 1866. Since then it has continued to provide quality products to its customers with products and packaging innovations. Nestle Pakistan is number one and fastest growing food company. The company is trying their level best to differentiate themselves from other local companies. Nestle is  trying to win the competition in juice industry by adopting the modern trends and technologies in both operational fields as well as in marketing of their products.

Nestle Juices pakistan

Nestle Juices pakistan

In this detailed project we covered all most all the topics related to the marketing plans. First of all we presented the companies’ history and introduction which included the year of formation and certain steps the resulted in the today’s form of Nestle. We describes value chain analysis . PEST  analysis about nestle juices. Our brand competitor. The next step we do experiment about SWOT  analysis who its effect on our brand . So we described MARKET  analysis, competitor analysis, analysis buyer  behavior , hierarchy of organization goals and the next step to STP  of nestle company. So we explain product strategy , price strategy and distribution strategy. communication strategy and  other things related to a  marketing  plan  such as marketing budget and last of our project sale forecast for last 5 year. Innovative technology, Globalization, Matrices, Financial Review, Porter’s five model, Industrial analysis and Future Plans Of Company.

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