Project for Restaurant Management System Software

The  purpose to develop this Software for restaurant management system or POS System  is to give the best environment to the people enjoy their meal comfortably. The order taken and other things are  done by handy devices like a smartphone.Complete project file is available for download

Overview of Software for Restaurant Management System Project:

SRMS Restaurant Management Systems or POS System are the crucial technology components that enable a single outlet or enterprise to better serve its customers and aid employees with food and beverage transactions and controls.

A point of sale system or POS system is either a stand-alone machine or a network of input and output devices used by restaurant employees to accomplish their daily activities including food and beverage orders, transmission of tasks to the kitchen and other remote areas, guest-check settlement, credit card transaction processing, and charge posting folios.

A point of sale system, POS system or Restaurant Management System is a combination of hardware and software used primarily by a business to process customer purchases. The combination of hardware and software can be as small as a smart phone with a credit card reader attached to the earphone jack to a large retail store with several checkout lanes and a back office filled with computer and network equipment. The most familiar part of a POS system is the keyboard and screen used by the salesperson in a checkout lane or the screen used by the customer in the self-checkout lane. Its primary function is to capture the items to be purchased, apply the correct taxes, except some form of payment and print a receipt.


This Restaurant Management  System helps in the both ends a customer end or a backend, at customer end it gives the feasibility to place order in by using different medium like if customer using web they can place order by using website, if customer using smart phone they can place order from android app . At owner end it provide owner’s to keep track record of their employees and customers. The most important features of this POS system is Material Management. How much material is used or not the waste of material can be seen by this POS system . This point of sale  also provide the rights of the mangers.


The admin gives the different rights to access the software but most of the rights have its owner.Moreover, Software for restaurant management system SRMS will provide URDU front end so that it could be easily understandable for users in Pakistan. Addition Features like SMS notification along with delivery time and send relevant delivery man phone number, Map pin up option to give direction to the delivery man, customer billing history, inventory, sales and financial records are also added in this Software suite. Additionally products will be displayed in menu with pictures and customers will be notified automatically about the delivery time.The user from internet can also place the order by using the SRMS website. Website have many features like they can order online and get their food in a very easy way.Managers of restaurants can easily keep track of the status of their branches using this SRMS. There will be feasibility for managers to track the record of their workers & also the record of their favorite customers.

Download Software for Restaurant Management System Project:

  1. Software for Restaurant management System

  2. Software for Restaurant management System2

  3. Software for Restaurant management System3



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