Human Rights of Minorities in Pakistan

An article on human rights of minorities in Pakistan is presented by article includes types of minorities in Pakistan. Laws for protection, extremism, civil society, International NGOs report about the minority situation in Pakistan. Hindus in Pakistan. Christian in Pakistan. Institute of Peace and Secular Studies (IPSS). Insan Foundation Trust, Local NGOs Promotion and Monitoring. Human rights commission of Pakistan (HRCP). Complete file (word) is available for download.

Summary of Human Rights of Minorities in Pakistan:

The right of religious minorities and other minority groups, whose human rights situation has deteriorated has to be addressed to uplift their socio-economic condition.

Although different kinds of laws and set of rules have been made to safeguard the rights and concerns of religious minorities in Pakistan but the laws which are supposed to protect the minorities are being used as a tool for promoting intolerance and injustice.

In Pakistan the acts of violence are increasing day by day against religious minorities. Mostly the minorities are seen as doing low-status works, especially for Christians and Hindus has seriously weaken their self-esteem. Besides this most Christian male and females are seen as street sweepers. The Hindus are seen being vulnerable to police oppression an there are number of violence cases against minorities.

These were some of the local NGOs working for the promotion of minority rights but for the monitoring a council shall be made to monitor the practical realization of the rights and safeguards provided to the minorities under the constitution and law.

People have forgotten the respect and value of other communities. They are still not accepting the minorities as part of their nation. Our government is not showing any responsibility towards the rights of minorities, due to which minorities are facing many problems and begging for the justice and equality.

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Human Rights of Minorities in Pakistan


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