Women Rights in Pakistan

The essay describes women Rights in Pakistan and also issues and problems facing pakistan women.

Summary of Women Rights in Pakistan:

Men and Women are born equal by nature, since inception both the sexes are entitled to the same rights of life. The nurture of a society moulds and twists basic rights of a gender. Men and Women are like the two wheels of a cart without one’s proper function the cart is bereft from apt functioning like this without one’s proper contribution and participation to the society the society turns lame and becomes the victim of many ill practices. Since Pakistan is a third world country along with other challenges it also faces Women Rights challenge.

Some people believes that women are deployed with their basic rights of life while other have the perception that state is failed to deliver the basic rights. The Pakistan’s constitution emphasis on the equal opportunities of both sexes saying that all the citizens are equal before the law and are entitled to equal protection of law. However it is observed that women are berefted from enjoining their fundamental rights. They are confined to their shelters. In every walk of life the representation of women are shrunken. Developed countries are a perfect paradigm where women are almost deployed with their basic rights and representation in various wings of the institutions.

Women Rights in Pakistan

Women Rights in Pakistan

A woman can ask for her right if she has the clue to what she is entitled. Many women in our society are unaware of their rights due to which they don’t have access to practice their desire thoughts. it is said that those demand their rights who know their rights. The literary ratio is very low and mostly those women are suffered in the society who is illiterate because they don’t know their rights.

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