Human Rights in Palestine and Israel Palestine Conflict

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Overview of Human Rights in Palestine and Israel Palestine Conflict:

The ongoing Israel Palestine Conflict is both easy to understand, yet deeply convoluted. At the heart of this conflict is a basic idea that both sides believe: The Israelis believe that they have given the title to the land now known as Israel, while the Palestinians believe that they are entitled to the land they name Palestine. Unfortunately, both sides declare the same land; they simply call the land by different names. For religious Jewish Israelis and religious Muslim Palestinians, the belief is deeper still, for both sides believe that God (called Jehovah by the Jews and Allah by the Muslims), bestowed them the land, and that to give it away or to give it up to another people is an affront to God and a sin.

The background of the Palestine Israel conflict is much more complex than that simple explanation, but the religious and historical differences are very significant to this story. On another level, the reasons for the continual fighting is simply to understand. They have been fighting for over 60 years, and each war, every death, each act of terrorism, only deepens the hatred and the disinclination to give in to the other side. Historically, the ancient Jews from Biblical times called their land Israel, Canaan, Judea, Samaria, Galilee and other precedent names. Modern Jews, and fairly a few Christians, believe that in the days of the Bible and the Torah, God gave this land to the ancient Jews (also known as Hebrews), escorted  by men such as Abraham, Moses, David, and others. About 2,000 years ago, the Roman Empire reign this area, and in suppressing several Jewish rebellions, the Romans devastated the Jewish temple in the city of Jerusalem, killed huge numbers of Jews, and forced many others to leave their homeland in an exodus called “The Diaspora.” Some Jews remained in the area, but huge numbers of Jews did not revisit until the 19th and 20th Century, especially after World War Two and the Holocaust.


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Human Rights in Palestine and Palestine-Israel Conflict




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