NATO’s Humanitarian Intervention in Kosovo

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Summary of Humanitarian Intervention in Kosovo:

Kosovo is a region of a smaller amount than 11,000 square kilometers. In the south of the democracy of Serbia bordering, within the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The Republic of Montenegro to the north-west. An intercontinental borders with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the south. Albania to the west and south-west. Kosovo is populated by in relation to two million people.

Ninety percent of which are ethnic Albanians. In olden times, it has been branch of the medieval Serbian territory. It has belong, for several centuries, to the Ottoman kingdom. It then come to the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. Afterward to the Yugoslav Kingdom.It  was cohesive with other Albanian territories to a Greater Albania during the Second World War. Eventually became part of socialist Yugoslavia’s Republic of Serbia under the power of which it remained after the divide of Yugoslavia.

Humanitarian Intervention in Kosovo

Humanitarian Intervention in Kosovo

While ethnic tensions, calls for secession. Special riots were universal features throughout Kosovo’s more current history. it is only since the launch of March, 1998  that planned and cruel ethnic conflict has replaced more or less two decades-long. Peaceful kick of ethnic Albanians to locked an independent state for themselves. While the Kosovo problem had been rather marginalized during the war in Bosnia and Croatia. It became more relevant from about 1995/96 beyond, resulting in first acts of aggression against Serbs and Serbian security forces. In answer to long-lasting Serbian domination and a lack of international obligation to remedy the circumstances.

violent conflict :

The recent violent conflict, which was for the most part, fought among the Kosovo Liberation Army and Serbian security forces, had captured the consideration of the world media and triggered hectic political activity, international anger about human rights violations, and relief pains of nongovernmental organizations in Kosovo. Yet in spite of this, the conflict escalated, costing more than 1,200 lives among ethnic Albanians by September 1998. Apart from its shape, which has been hotly debated, the argument is also about the feasibility and last aim of such an approach. Both proportions are closely linked the figure given in the monthly report of the Pristine-based Council for the Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms (CDHRF) is 1221 dead among 14 January 1998 and 11 September 1998.

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Humanitarian Intervention in Kosovo


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